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Knoxville is a small town with all the offerings of a large city. From world famous sprint car races to award winning restaurants and breweries, Knoxville has something for everyone.

Knoxville is home to:

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Knoxville Raceway has recently been featured by insurance company Hagerty. Hagerty specializes .
Merry-N County Christmas, Knoxville’s drive-through light display, has been featured by Travel .
Knoxville’s Homecoming is Friday, Sept. 24, 2021, but there are events and .


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One more update to my arm sleeve!
Tanner artbytp is rocking my world with his amazing work!

This flower is a honeysuckle.
It’s the month of June’s birth flower.
My Mom’s Mother, Vera, was born in June and Mom told me her favorite color was blue.

I never knew Grandma Vera, but she is still a part of who I am so I wanted to add her to my tattoo!

#tattooaddict #family #Armsleeve #artbytp #ichooseknoxville #knoxvilleiowatattoos

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We’re not always surrounded by construction materials & covered in dirt.


About us:

• We started dating when Jamie was 17 & Hannah was 16. We got married at 22 & 23. We will have been married for 5 years at the end of October 👩‍❤️‍👨

• Our daughter Ada just turned 1 last week🎂

• Jamie is a math teacher by profession but builder by passion 🧑🏼‍🏫

• Hannah is currently working towards her Realtor license 👩🏼‍💻

• Our 3rd flip will done this winter & 2nd flip will be done next summer 🏡

• We live in the best area in Iowa - Marion County 📍

• Jamie was a collegiate athlete & is an All-American in the mile 🏅

• Hannah would love to own her own pumpkin patch one day 🎃

• In our first flip (#HarveyHouseIA), we uncovered letters from the 1930’s or 1940’s from an affair 💌

• In the summer, you can find us boating on the Des Moines River (except this summer because it was so low 😔) 🚤

• All of our flips are in the same tiny town with a population of a whopping 230 🔨

• Our goal is to buy land so we can build our forever home & raise some free range babies & chickens 👶🏼🐓

Anything we missed? Don’t be afraid to ask!

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We were able to get this shirt completed before we left for the day. Isn’t it adorable?!?!?!

#knoxvilleiowa #ichooseknoxville #walnuthilldesignsllc #stahlsheatprinting #momlife #customtshirts

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None of this has been easy.

The first years of our marriage were filled with evenings and weekends of mostly work & less play. Our houses have always felt cozy & comforting but none have been able to feel like a permanent home. Our first few weeks as family of 3 included house projects.

It hasn’t always been our ideal but every move & purchase has been strategic in the plan to get us to our end goal: an acreage & new build.

Very little of this has been glamours. Much of it has been dirty & disorganized. But will it all be worth it one day when we can sit on our front porch and watch her and her future siblings run wild & free during these warm Iowa summers? We like to think so. 💕🏡 #growingheartland #VadaHouseIA

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Best of ‘21 (5 of 6)
- watercolors inspired by reading
- oil painting…a new direction + deconstructed portrait
- mural cityofknoxvilleia won from #IEDA and iowafinance
#benschuh #bestof2021 #mainframestudios #contemporaryart #eye #gowhereittakesyou #watercolor #trees #localart #mural #muralartist #hiddenlifeoftrees #foresttherapy #overstory #forestbathing #IChooseKnoxville

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