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Knoxville Lodging

We have lodging for all types! For those who love comforts: hotels. For those who prefer to relax in solitude: cabins. For those who bring their beds with them: campgrounds.

No matter where you prefer to lay your head at night, Knoxville is sure to have something for everyone.

Amenities include 24-hour Seattleā€™s Best Coffee Service, complimentary breakfast buffet, guest laundry, 24-hour onsite convenience store, fitness center, high-speed wireless internet access, onsite beer and...

 Lodging /  Knoxville / 299 views

Luxury vacation rental cabins; Located between a 38 acre wooded eagle refuge and a federally managed prairie and savanna refuge; Amenities include king-sized bed and...

 Lodging /  Knoxville / 387 views

Water and electric hookups provided. Dump station and shower house located on site. Visit website or call for rates.

 Lodging /  Knoxville / 403 views

The Lake Red Rock area offers nine campgrounds for your enjoyment. Check out the park links to find out amenities and other information. Whitebreast Recreation...

 Lodging /  Knoxville / 263 views

100 campsites with a range of amenities. Campsite amenities range from non-electric up to 50 Amp full service. The campground also contains a modern shower...

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Camping spaces available through Harvest Hosts organization. Beautiful vineyard views, electrical hookup and restrooms with showers.

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Roberts Creek West Campground has 85 camping sites. Campsite amenities range from non-electric up to 50 Amp full service. The West Campground also contains a...

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Whether you're looking to move to Knoxville, visit us during Nationals, or looking for a quick night out, we have it all.